The online platform that allows card management and cost optimization for one or more fuel providers

Gestcom online platform

We offer you the online Gestcom Oil platform, a smart service where you can view and monitor everything related to your card and your feeds.

The online platform is accessible by simply accessing the website in the Account access / login section.

No matter what provider you choose, the online platform will help you optimize your costs by:


  • Setting daily, weekly and monthly card-level and fleet default settings
  • Blocking / unblocking certain cards in the fleet according to needs
  • Tracking individual consumption on the card, reported over a predetermined period
  • Issuing periodic reports (from 30 min to 24 h) depending on the supplier chosen on the transactions made (user, supplier, station, product type, quantity, unit price, total value and available account) by email and SMS
  • Viewing national pricing for suppliers at national level for each station and marketed product
  • Real-time graphical and comparative visualization of price developments for each fuel category
  • Viewing average prices applied to power stations as a result of transactions made previously
  • Price filtering and displaying by period, supplier, county, station, product
  • Information on car identification data, type and amount of fuel fueled, number of kilometers declared
  • Showing the date and time when the purchase was made, the station where the feed was made

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