The need to keep your fuel receipts is a matter of the past ...
"Put them in the trash bin!" Cardoil Avantaj offers you the single invoice !!

Do you know how you have to keep your gasoline receipts for accounting all the time?

Now you’ve got rid of this stress, because you do not have to keep any receipts anymore. You can recycle them if you want right after feeding.

After each feed, regardless of the chosen supplier, you will be notified via our notification system by sms and email. The information will also be recorded in detail in the Gestcom online management program. Thus, no information on the station receipt will be lost.

Cardoil will keep all the information about your feeds and expenses in the stations with the cards received from us and will issue a single invoice accompanied by an attachment with all the information.


The single invoice contains all the sums charged on each fuel type and all the other items purchased from the stations (eg: vignette, shop products, etc.)
This way you can keep a clear record of your expenses and consumption, as an individual or company.
The advantage is enormous, regardless of the number of transactions.
So … the fuel bill has become easy as kid’s play with Cardoil Avantaj!


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